Care Delivery

Pain detection, monitoring and delivery of diversionary therapy, is the core focus of the AccendoWave solution.  Deployed as a patient-facing tablet with wireless EEG sensor and a clinician dashboard, the AccendoWave technology provides a turn-key solution to improve patient well-being by measuring and mitigating discomfort.

Patient Platform


Diversionary content is layered onto AccendoWave’s patient facing integrated platform.  Discomfort is measured as content reduces anxiety and stress levels.

Clinical Dashboard

Pain and discomfort are the systematic root of patient dissatisfaction.  Care can be optimized to ensure the patient receives the best perceived care.



Hospital reimbursement is tied to patient satisfaction through the HCAHPS patient satisfaction survey.  10% of the questions in HCAHPS specifically deals with care and treatment of pain.
Joint Commission, the Hospital Industry Accreditation Organization, has mandated an integrated approach to pain control including mind-body therapy.
The AccendoWave technology can de deployed in hospital emergency departments, operating suites, on patient floors, and in transition to home care.
AccendoWave is available at select hospitals, surgery centers, hospice, and senior living facilities and through select home health care companies.
The current focus on health care patient engagement will require pain management excellence to achieve higher patient satisfaction.